Health by Numbers


Save $100,000S Work Compensation Claim Costs 

Workers WarmUps is a Bilingual In English & Spanish Workplace Injury Prevention Program Focuses On Balanced Workplace Posture to Reduce Vulnerabilities Inherent in Employee Job Duties. Services Include:

ERGONOMIC ASSESSMENT recommendations use existing equipment

CUSTOMIZED EXERCISES a 3-5-Minute Warm-Up & Stretching, 10-STEP Series Specific Job Duties

EMPLOYEE DUTIES Administrative, Assembly & Material Handlers, Housekeeping,

Retail Money Handlers.

INDUSTRIES Restaurants; Hospitality; Commercial Laundry; Municipalities; Utilities;

Insurance Carriers; Workers Compensation and Benefits Brokers.

MONTHLY DOCTOR ON-SITE VISITS support Initial Training Compliance, Create Nutrition Awareness at Lunch Presentations, Safety Meeting Presenters, One-on-One Doctor Consultations with Employees to Mitigate Developing Health Concerns.

CUSTOMIZED VISUALS Company Posters 24x36 & Flyers For Employees To Follow Exercises

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