Health by Numbers

Health At Its Foundation

SBN Premier Metabolic Analysis & Hair Test Diagnostic Tool  "getting healthy is like coloring by numbers!"

YELLOW is Science-Based Prevention      RED is Disease RISK    Code Blue is Critical Disease

SBN, Science Based Nutrition Comprehensive Metabolic Analysis Diagnostic Report customizes a nutritional & supplement roadmap to optimal health

Analyzes Over 60 Blood Biomarkers & 5 Metabolic Systems

Hair Test Determines Overall Toxicity and Mineral Imbalances

Identifies & Sets a Roadmap to Correct:

Anemia, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Gastro-intestinal Reflux, Depression. Anxiety, Thyroid, Liver & Adrenal Disfunction, Autoimmune conditions like Lupus, MS, Cancer & more

Reduces dependency on prescription drugs

Saves in prescription drug costs 

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