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Workers Warmups Ergonomic Workstation Evaluations

Improve Working Posture

"Dr. Driscoll's approach to ergonomics has helped hundreds of our employees feel better by adjusting their existing equipment to improve their posture. The Workers WarmUps program has significantly reduced our workers compensations costs." Winnie Lee, Human Resource Specialist, Delta Dental Insurance of California

We Use Existing Equipment

Avoid Additional Costs

Mitigate Ergonomic Risk Factors


3 ergonomic risk factors

  •  chair position
  • keyboard placement
  • monitor height


5 ergonomic risk factors 

  • awkward posture
  • excessive force
  • repetition
  • contact stress and vibration


2 ergonomic risk factors 

  • Improper lifting & pulling techniques
  • Overexertion of tight muscles 

"Dr. Driscoll's economic workstation evaluation is an incredible benefit. Workers WarmUps was the lowest price I found, unlike $235 per employee for a lesser quality program." Michelle Gustily-Smithson, Director of Human Resource, Ocean Media, Inc., Orange County, CA